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Download Duplicate Ration Card - कैसे डाउनलोड करें? जानिए 2024

Download Duplicate Ration Card

Ration cardholders whose ration card is damaged or lost can now download duplicate ration card online while at home. So, for those who do not know how to make a duplicate ration card or how to get it, there is no need to worry.

Download Duplicate Ration Card

In this article, we will tell you the complete procedure for getting a duplicate ration card. So read this article until the end and follow the procedure given in it so you can also get your duplicate ration card and get rations at a lower price from the government shop.

What is a Duplicate Ration Card?

A duplicate ration card is issued to those who do not have their original card. They are eligible to make this duplicate ration card. You must have the old ration card number to get this ration card. This ration card works exactly like your original ration card, providing you with facilities. Now we know the procedure mentioned below on some important points.

How to download a Duplicate Ration Card?

You have to follow the following procedure to get a duplicate ration card.

  • Select Ration Card: To download the ration card, you must go to the official website and select the option. After selecting the Ration Card option in the menu, select the Ration Card Details on the State Portals option.
  • Select your state name: After that, the names of all the states of India appear. You have to find the name of your state and select it.
Download Duplicate Ration Card
  • Select your district name: Then, you have to find your district in all the districts of your state and select it.
Download Duplicate Ration Card
  • Select Rural or Urban: After selecting the district’s name, you must select the option to download the rural or urban ration card.
  • Choose a name for your block: Now, you have to find your block name from the list of all the blocks under the selected district and select it.
  • Select Gram Panchayat name: After selecting the block’s name, the list of all Gram Panchayats under it appears. You have to find the name of your Gram Panchayat and select it.
  • Select the village name: After that, as soon as you select the Panchayat option, a list will open in front of you. You have to find the name of your village and select it.
  • Select Name and Ration Card Number: As soon as you select the name of your village, the list of all ration card holders will open under it. You have to find your name. Search for the name of the person for whom you want to download the duplicate card. After finding the name in the list, select the ration card number in the box given in front.
Download Duplicate Ration Card
  • Download Duplicate Ration Card: After selecting the ration card number, the ration card opens on the screen. Here the details like the name of the ration card holder, address, name of the family members, head’s photo, etc. are to be entered. After that download the duplicate ration card by selecting the button on the print page.
Download Duplicate Ration Card


Those persons living in the state whose ration card is damaged, lost, or cannot be found for any reason. So you can get your duplicate ration card easily. Its procedure is explained to you in this article in simple words. So you can make your duplicate ration card by following this method. Keep visiting our website for more updates.

FAQs-Duplicate Ration Card Download

How to get a Duplicate Ration Card

If you want to download your ration card on your mobile, you have to go to the Food Security website using the Google search bar. The menu is for selecting a ration card. You have to select your ration card number by selecting the name of your district tehsil. And then download your ration card.

What is the procedure for getting a duplicate Ration Card?

This article explains how to get a duplicate ration card. Please read it carefully and follow the instructions to get your ration card.

Is there any fee for getting a duplicate ration car, etc?

You can get a new duplicate ration card again without hassle or fee. Apply online or offline for this. After that, you can get the duplicate ration card in 15 to 20 days.

How to find the ration card number?

If you want to make a duplicate ration card, you need the ration card number. So, go to the food department office, select your district block gram panchayat and ration card type, and enter and download the ration number.


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