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Download Ration Card Form Jharkhand New PDF Online Updated July 2024

Jharkhand Ration Card Form Download PDF 2024 

Download Ration Card form Jharkhand PDF and sumitt the application to the food department. I will tell you the complete information in detail in this article. Many people are unable to get the ration card form and submit the application because they do not know where this application form is obtained and where it is submitted.

Download Ration Card Form Jharkhand

This ration card is issued to the eligible beneficiaries under the National Food Security Act (NFSC). Who is eligible for a ration card? Eligible families are provided ration at reduced cost under ration cards. Three types of ration cards are issued in Jharkhand. These include APL, BPL, and Antyo Daya Anna Yojana Ration Card.

Download Ration Card Form Jharkhand Eligibility

Before getting the ration card form you need to know the eligibility criteria. People who live below the poverty line face difficulty in buying rations in this inflationary era. They are eligible for this ration card. Apart from this, those people whose annual income is less than one lakh rupees are also considered important for this ration card.

Required documents

People who want to apply for a ration card by getting the form should first know about the required documents. Which documents are required while applying for a ration card?

  • Bank passbook
  • Aadhaar card
  • One passport-size photograph of all family members
  • PAN Card
  • Income Certificate
  • Gas Bill / Electricity Bill / Water Bill
  • Surrender certificate for moving from one state to another
  • Apart from this, you are a permanent resident of the state for which you want to apply for the ration card.

Benefits of Ration Card

Ration Cards Under CM, it is very important for eligible people to have a ration card to get the benefits of the ration card. 

  • Those who qualify for this ration card get ration from the market at a low price from the government shop.
  • Apart from this, this ration card can also be used as a water ID gas connection. This ration card is also very useful as an official document.
  • Ration cards are used not only for food and drink. You can also use it as your official job and other necessary document.

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How to Fill out the Jharkhand Ration Card Application Form?

You want to complete the application form for a ration card. So, for this, first of all, you have to follow the proper procedure.

First, you have to download the application form. Note that different forms have to be downloaded for rural areas and urban areas. Download the form according to your area and get its print. Now, fill out the form as per the given instructions.

Download Ration Card Form Jharkhand
  • First, enter your complete address and complete bank account details in the form.
  • Then enter the details of all the family members.
  • Like the applicant’s name, father’s name, children’s name, wife’s name, head’s name, etc.
  • Select category. Like general schedule, cast schedule, tribe or backward class, etc., to which you belong.
  • Now, fill out the declaration and sign the applicant form.
  • Do not forget to write the date and place the address inside the form.

After that, you have to attach the required documents to this form. You have to attach all these necessary documents properly. After that, you have to read this form carefully so that there are no mistakes, etc.

Note: If you enter the wrong information, your application will not accepted. Due to this, your name is not added to the ration card list. Then you are worried about why our name is not on the ration card list.

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How to Apply for a Jharkhand New Ration Card?

If you are a permanent resident of the state of Jharkhand. And you want to apply for the ration card and get the ration card. So, you must fill out the prescribed application form. The application form can obtained online, downloaded, and printed.

The required documents submitted along with the application form are as follows.

  • Adhaar card copies of all family members
  • Income certificate
  • Old ration card copy if available.
  • Copy of water identity card
  • Copy of electricity or gas bill if available.
  • Copy of bank passbook
  • One photo of all family members


You have told us above how to download and apply for the Jharkhand Ration Card Form. So, those persons who have not yet received the ration card form have not submitted any application for it. So they can make their ration card by knowing the complete procedure. All information related to the ration card is available on this website .

Jharkhand Ration Card Form Questions

Where to get Jharkhand Farm Ration?

NFSA portal, where card-related forms from all states are available. Services like application forms, forms to add the name of a family member, or download forms to delete, etc., are available on this portal. So you can easily download the online form by going to this portal.

How to Apply for a Jharkhand Ration Card?

To apply for a ration card, you first need to get the form. This form is available on the NFS portal. You can also get it from the Food Center office. Then after getting this form, you have to enter complete information. Like name, address, reason name, and necessary documents should attached. Submit this form to your nearest food department.

After applying Jharkhand Ration Card how many days ration card is generated?

When you apply for a ration card, the representatives of the center verify your application. After verification, check whether your application is found to be valid. Then, your name is added to the Ration list. Through which you get your ration card.