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Download Ration Card Gujarat New Update 2024 & Check New List Online

Ration Card Gujarat Download 2024 

Download Gujarat ration card online at home now and get government-issued ration free from your nearest FPS shop. Those persons who live in the state of Gujarat and have applied for ration cards. And now they want to download their ration card online at home. So, I will tell you about this download method in this article.

Download Ration Card Gujarat

To download, you go to the official web portal of the state of Gujarat. There you have to enter some information. What is information and its procedure will be explained in this article. So read this article carefully till the end and get your information.

What is the Gujarat Ration Card?

Ration card issued in many states in India helps to provide ration at low cost to poor people and free ration to some such people. Who face difficulty in buying rations in this era of inflation. A ration card is used as a document.

This ration card can also be used to get voter ID, gas connection, and other benefits. Applicants residing in the state of Gujarat who have applied for ration cards. And now they want to download their Gujarat ration card sitting at home, so I am going to tell them the complete download procedure.

Documents required to download Gujarat Ration Card

And what information you should have while downloading the ration card is as follows.

  • You must have an Aadhaar card or ration card number.
  • Apart from this, you should know the name of your district, the name of the village, and the name of the block.

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How to Download Gujarat Ration Card Online 2024?

People of Gujarat state can download their online ration card Gujarat on their mobile laptop without any hassle and wasting time sitting at home. The procedure of which is as follows.

  • To download the ration card, first of all, you have to go to the official website of Gujarat, the link of which is here at
  • As soon as you go to the home page of this portal, you have to select the name of the year or month first.
  • After selecting the year and month option you have to select your district name. The list of districts is in front of you, you select the district of the name search.
Download Ration Card Gujarat
  • To select your block name, search for the name in the list and then select it.
Download Ration Card Gujarat
  • When you select the name of your block, a list of all the areas under it opens. In this, you find the name of your area, select one of the types of ration card, and select the ration card number.
  • As soon as you click on the ration card number, the complete list of ration cards in the area comes in front of you. In which you search your name and enter the ration card number along with the ration card name.
Download Ration Card Gujarat
  • When you enter the number, the ration card opens in the menu in front of you. Here you can download it and save it by clicking on the save button.

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Helpline Number Gujarat

For any problem related to ration cards in Gujarat or to know information about ration cards, you can get information by contacting the helpline number given below.

  • 1800-233-5500
  • 1967


To download the Gujarat ration card, you have to go to your state’s web portal. There, you can download the ration card by entering some information like district selection area ration card number block, etc. This procedure has been explained to you above in simple words. So those people who have not yet downloaded their ration card Gujarat Ghar online. They should download their ration card as soon as possible and get a ration at a low price from the government.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download Ration Card Gujarat?

If you live in Gujarat and want to download your ration card. So for this, you have to go to the official website of Gujarat. There you have to select the name of your district, block, and area and enter your ration card number or loan card number in the ration card number list. And to download in the browser.

What is the name of the website to download the Gujarat ration card?

To download the ration card you go to their official website at

How many days does it take to generate a Gujarat ration card?

Applicants who apply for ration cards. A ration card is generated in seven to 15 days after the application is verified and processed.

What to do if the ration card is lost or damaged?

If your ration gets spoiled, it gets lost, so you don’t need to panic. You can make duplicate ration cards without any fee. For this, you have to go to your nearest head office. From there, you have to get the form and submit the application for the ration card again.


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