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New Gujarat Ration Card List 2024 Online Check Village Wise Now 

Check New Gujarat Ration Card List 2024 Online 

To check the New Gujarat Ration Card List 2024 online, visit the official website of your Food Supply and Consumer Affairs Department. There, you can enter some information and find your name in the online ration card list.

Friends, many people apply for Gujarat Ration Card, but they need information about the next steps. Suppose you have recently applied for a ration card. And you want to check whether our name is included in the ration card list or not. 

New Gujarat Ration Card List

So, to know the name in the list, you are being told in this article in simple words with a complete procedural explanation. So please read this article till the end and find your name in the list by following the procedure mentioned in it.

New Gujarat Ration Card

The Government of India has issued ration cards to these poor people living in the state of Gujarat. In this inflation era, these people face difficulty buying rations, and the daily wage earners face problems meeting their household expenses. 

Given this situation, the central and provincial governments have issued ration cards for the people of Gujarat. Suppose you want us to get this ration card. So for this, you apply first and ensure your eligibility. Gujarat ration card helps you buy rations at a lower price than the market price. Instead, you can use this card for other government schemes as well.

What is the Gujarat Ration Card List?

The Gujarat ration list is complete. The names of those who apply for ration cards and are found eligible for them have been added. Only those people who meet the criteria for the ration card are included in this list. You can follow the procedure mentioned below to find the name on the list.

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Benefits of Ration Card

  • With the help of the Gujarat Ration Guard, eligible persons with APL and BPL cards can get a ration at a low cost from the Government.
  • With this ration card, you can install gas, electricity, and water connections.
  • This ration card can be used as a voter ID and also as a license in daily life.
  • This ration card ensures that every poor and backward family has access to rations at government rates.

Key Features of Gujarat Ration Card

  • The applicant has to submit their details and complete family details along with the application.
  • Suppose your application form needs to be completed. So you can update the form again within 30 to 37 days and submit it.
  • If you enter correct or misleading information in the form, the department will accept your application.
  • Ration cards are given only to poor people living in Gujarat. Who meets the criteria for his qualification?

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How do you check the Gujarat Ration Card List Village Wise?

Applicants who recently applied for a ration card want to check their name in the online ration card list Gujarat sitting at home. So follow the procedure given below.

  • First, go to the official portal of the Gujarat State Food and Food Civil Supplies Consumer Department for the application tools.
  • There, click on the FPS Sales Dashboard option.IPDS Portal
New Gujarat Ration Card List
  • A new page opens on the screen in front of you. You have to click on the Total Ration Card Beneficiaries option from many options.
  • Gujarat Ration Card FPS
  • As soon as you click on the option given above, you go to the next steps, where you have to enter the following information.
  • Select the year and month from the drop-down box.
  • Enter the captcha code that is displayed on your mobile or screen.
  • After that, you have to click on the Go option tab.
  • According to the district, the list of Gujarat ration cards is shown on the screen in front of you. You have to select your district to get the list. After selecting the district, the list is shown to you. In which you can find your name.
New Gujarat Ration Card List


You can check your name in the ration card list for both APL and BPL lists by following the above-mentioned procedure.

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What should you do if the name is not on the Gujarat ration card list?

Don’t worry if your name is missing from the list. Apply for a Gujarat Ration Card again. The application process is to download the form from the online portal. Complete it and submit it to your nearest food department office by attaching the necessary documents. Your eligibility will verified, and your name will added to the ration card list. Remember that it is essential to enter the information well before re-applying the form. Your name will included in the list if you enter the correct information.

Contact Details for Gujarat

If you are facing any problems related to the Gujarat Ration Card, you can contact the helpline number given below to find a solution.

  • Helpline no: 1800-233-5500
  • Toll-Free No: 1967


People living in the state of Gujarat apply for the ration card. But they need to learn how to check the name on the list. In this article, I have provided you with complete information about how to check your name online in the ration card list in Gujarat. So, every citizen can now check their name on the list while sitting at home without any hassle or wasting time. All updates and information related to ration cards are provided on our website, So please keep visiting our website for any information.


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