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Uttarakhand Ration Card Download 2024 and Get Free Ration From The Government Shop

Download the Uttarakhand Ration Card

All those candidates can download Uttarakhand ration card online at home. So, complete information about how you can download your digital ration card online while sitting at home is provided to you in this article.

Uttarakhand Ration Card Download

I will tell you the procedure for downloading a ration card and what documents are required. Through this, you can get online ration cards at home without any hassle or time waste because ration cards are very useful for poor people. It also helps you in providing other facilities besides food and drink.

What is the Uttarakhand Ration Card?

Uttarakhand ration card is issued to poor people living in the state. Those who have difficulty buying their household expenses and rations in this era of inflation. Only people are provided with food through this ration. Rather, this ration card can used for other facilities like voter ID gas connection and government jobs. You will told the procedure below to download the ration card.

Document required to download ration card

To download Ration Guard you need to have the below information

  • You should have your loan card ration card number or application form number with you.
  • You should also have information like your area name, district name, block number, and address.

How to Download Uttarakhand Ration Card Online 2024?

The step-by-step procedure to download a ration card is as follows. By following this you can download the ration card online.

  • First, you must visit the Department of Food, Urban Supplies, and Consumer Affairs website,, for the Uttarakhand Ration Card. The link to which has been provided.
  • After going to the home page, you must select the Ration Card Details option to download your Digital Ration Card.
Uttarakhand Ration Card Download
  • On the screen, you have to enter the captcha code for verification. Enter this code in the box and then select the confirm button.
  • To select the District and DSC option you have to select your district. After that, only the DFSO option has to be selected. Which includes your area. After that, you have to select the type of ration card. After selecting all the details, select the view report option.
  • The name DFSO is displayed on your screen, and you must select it.
Uttarakhand Ration Card Download
  • After selecting the option, a list under DFS opens before you, and you must select your supply office.
  • A list opens in front of you. You must select the name of the ration shop in your area from the list.
Uttarakhand Ration Card Download
  • When you select the shop, the list of ration card holders opens before you. In this list, you have to find your name, and after searching for the name, you have to click and then select the save button and download in this one pdf option so you can download your ration card online.

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Helpline no

Yes, if you face any problem while downloading the ration card or while applying, you can call our contact number and get your help.

  • Toll Free No. 1967
  • Official website dot gov dot in


You have explained the procedure in this article for downloading an online Uttarakhand ration card, you go to the official website and enter your area name, block, DFSO office, etc. And download the ration card. So, those who have not yet downloaded their ration card can get a free ration from the card by downloading it online at home. For such information and updates, please visit our website:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download my ration card Uttarakhand ration card?

To download the ration card, you have to go to the FCS official website. You must enter your personal information like district area DFS office block number there, etc. Apart from this, download the ration card by selecting the shop in your area.

What is the name of the official website of Athrakhand state?

The official website of each article ration card is You can learn details about ration cards on this website.

Can digital ration cards be used?

Yes, if your ration card is lost. So you can get services like ration cards by downloading digital ration cards. To do this, you have to apply to your food department office.