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How to Complain Online on the Ration Card Portal? Know Method

Ration Card Portal

The ration card portal is designed for people who need information related to their ration card, such as status checks and complaints online. With the help of the portal, cardholders can know the answers to all kinds of questions related to their ration card. 

Ration Card Portal

Sometimes, ration card holders want to get a list of their ration cards and their benefits. Apart from this, they also face some problems related to ration cards. For all this information, information is being provided to you through the ration portal; how can you get all this information through the ration portal? Read this article till the end.

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Ration Card Details on State Portals

Ration cards are important in ensuring food security and access to essential commodities for poor families living in India. Accessing and updating ration card details from the online portal has now become easier. A ration card also serves as an identity card document for households. To help get subsidized items like food, grains, fuel, and other essential items from the public distribution system.

Benefits Of Ration Card Portal

  1. Order Ration PVC Card: Click here “” to order a digitally printed Ration PVC card.
  1. Check Order Status: Click “” to check the already ordered PVC card status.
  1. Download Your Ration Card: Click here: to download an electronic copy of the Ration card.
  1. Register As Operator: Become an operator with the eRation portal & get access to Ration-related works

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Process for filing a complaint on the Ration Card Portal

If you have any problem with the ration card and want to register your complaint through the portal. So, you should know the steps to follow to file a complaint. The process has been explained to you in a few simple steps.

 Ration Card Portal
  1. First, you must visit the National Food Safety Portal to file a complaint
  2. The home page of this portal will appear, where you have to click on Citizen Corruption, which is also on the top menu bar.
  3. A drop-down menu with many options will appear in front of you.
  4. NFSA Portal
  5. You have to click on the option of online complaints state portals.
  6. After clicking on this option you will see a new page.
  7. On this new page you will be shown the links of all the states, you have to select your state.
  8. Ration Card State Portal
  9. You have to register your complaint on the complaints section of the official ration portal of your state.
  10. For example, if I am a resident of Uttar Pradesh, I will register on the Uttar Pradesh State Grievance Portal.
  11. After that, a new page will appear. On this new page, you have to enter the following information.
  12. District, Name, Address, Locality of Complainant, Email Address, Profession, Subject of Complaint etc
  13. Ration Card Grievance Portal

After entering all the above information correctly, you have to click on the submit button below. You will get an identification number. Through which you can check the status of your application if you want.

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How do you check the complaint status through the Ration card portal?

If you want to check your application through the ration portal. So its procedure is provided below. For example, if you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh, the procedure is as follows.

  1. First of all, you have to visit the National Food Security Portal.
  2. Click on the Citizens Corner in the home page menu bar of the portal.
  3. You have to click on the online form state portals option in the drop-down menu.
  4. And the list of all the states will appear in front of you. Where you have to select your Uttar Pradesh state.
  1. Status of Complaints
  2. After that, a new patch will appear in front of you. Where you have to click to see the current status of the complaint option.
  3. You have to enter your complaint number on the new page.
  4. Status of Ration Card Grievances
  1. Then you have to click on the display option. After that, the status of the complaint will be shown on the screen.

Final verdict

Regarding ration cards, the government has started a ration card portal. So that the poor people of every state who have a ration card. They can contact us online on this Rtion portal for any information and knowledge related to their ration card. The ration portal provides facilities as well as guidance to the public. Keep visiting our website for more information and updates.

FAQs- [Frequently Asked Questions]

How to use the Ration card portal?

The ration portal plays a very important role in guiding poor people. Through this, you can check the complaint registration and status, etc. Its use has been explained above.

What is the official name of the ration card Portal?

The original name of the ration portal is e Ration Card Portal and its link is

How to complain about a ration card?

You can file a complaint and check the status of any request related to your ration card. The complete procedure has been explained to you above.


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