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How to Search Ration Card Online? कॉनवो न्यू प्रोक्सिस 2024 Update july

Search Ration Card Online 2024

All those candidates who have applied for their ration card and now want to search ration card online for purchasing ration at low prices. So you will be told the procedure in very easy words that how you can get your ration card information online sitting at home. 

Search Ration Card Online

Those people waste their time by going to the government office and get tired of going round and round. After that, they are not given any information related to the ration card. So you don’t need to panic.

 In this article, I will tell you the procedure through which you can easily find out about your ration card at home. All you have to do is use your mobile phone or laptop and search for your ration card.

What is a New Ration Card?

An important document called a ration card issued in many states in India plays an important role in providing ration to people. Through this ration card, you can get ration from the market at a low price. Apart from this, this ration card also helps in providing many facilities.

To get this ration card, first, you have to take the online or offline application. When you become eligible, your ration card is issued. With the help of this ration card, the ration is given to you for free and at a low cost.

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Search Ration Card Online ( 

To find ration cards, the government has introduced the official web portal of the food department related to ration cards in every state. On which the ration card candidates can find their ration card. Apart from this, they can download the ration card. 

This portal plays an important role in providing a lot of guidance related to ration cards. Apart from downloading a ration card on this portal, you can also apply online to check the status of the ration card and register complaints. Let me tell you the procedure to find the ration card.

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How to search for a ration card online in 2024? know

First of all, you have to go to the official website of the food department of your state to find the ration card. I am providing you with its link.

  • Select the Ration Cards option

To search for a ration card, you open the website and select the option of a UP Ration card in the menu bar. Through which up ration card details select the option of these state portals.

  • Select your state name

After that, you have to find your state name on the screen and select it.

  • Select your district name

After selecting the name of the state, the list of all the districts opens in front of you. From which you select the name of the new district.

Search Ration Card Online
  • Select your region name

After selecting the name of the district from the list, you now select the name of the area in which you live.

Search Ration Card Online
  • Select the ration shop name

After selecting your area name then you have to select that area name from the list of all government ration shops on the FPS shop screen. That is, you have to choose the ration shop in your area.

Search Ration Card Online
  • Find Ration Card

After selecting the name of the shop, the list of names of all ration card holders is displayed on the skin screen. Here, you will show the ration card holder’s name, father, husband’s name and address, etc. You can search here by entering it.

Search Ration Card Online

Search Online  Ration Card( State-wise)

We are providing you the list of all the states of India where the government has issued ration cards. You will select the name of your state where you are residing. Find your ration card by following the above-mentioned procedure. After searching, you can download it if you want, take a print of it, and save it.

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Ration Card Portal

Ration Card Portal plays an important role in providing guidance related to Ration Card. On it you can get information about applying online, ration card status, applying for PVC ration card, and downloading new ration card.

Apart from this, you can also get information about complaints. So, people who need to become more familiar with this portal can download their e-ration card from this portal and get other services.


How to search online for a ration card? The procedure has been explained to you in this article. So those people who have not found their ration card yet can get their ration card information by following this procedure. Stay tuned to our website for new information and updates and information. We provide you with periodic guidance related to ration cards.